Welcome to Melbourne's 15th Thai Culture and Food Festival @ Federation Square

SAT 17th March 11AM – 7PM @ & SUN 18TH March 10AM – 9PM MARCH

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It's here again and in full flight! This year the festival will coincide with the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival's River Graze and be held over 2 days.


Sat 17th March 11am - 7pm featuring 16 food stalls, beer garden and whole afternoon of Cooking Demonstration and entertainment

Food Glorious Food! (SAT & SUN)

This year we are proud to be affiliated with the 'River Graze' event as part of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, we will have 16 Thai Hawker stlye food stalls lining the banks of the River Terrace on both Saturday and Sunday.


Beer Garden & Thai Wine Tasting (SAT & SUN)

Visit our Beer Garden at the River Terrace on Saturday & at Birrarung Marr on the Sunday, which will be our biggest one ever! Where you can enjoy traditional Thai beer & Thai wine, accompanied by live music from local bands and lots of entertainment with spectacular sound and light shows.

Cooking Demonstrations (SAT & SUN)


Enjoy equisite cooking demonstrations by Celebrity Chef!!! We are thrilled to welcome esepcially from Thailand, Chef Tam, winner of “Top Chef Thailand” as its special guest chef during the Thai Culture and Food Festival 2018 and Melbourne Food & Wine Festival. The Concept will play with a multitude of sensors. Sight (vision), hearing (audition), taste (gustation), smell (olfacti

Thai Village (SUN)

THAI VILLAGE: With lots and lots of workshop and demonstrations of Thai lifestyle which lasted over 230 years. This year the Thai Village featuring the concept of "Rattanakosin Dynasty", the present dynasty. It's KIDS FRIENDLY AREA. Come and experience the Thainess by trying it on your own... flower decoration, weaving, Thai music, Thai desserts, Thai cooking, face painting or learning how to write your name in Thai.... and we've prepared T

Spectacular Cultural & Contemporary Dance Shows Exclusively From Thailand for the Festival (SAT & SUN)

JOE LOUIS PUPPET SHOW Joe Louis Puppet, the last of the kingdom’s traditional Thai small puppets troupe, is the only troupe of Thai theatrical puppeteers in existence. The performance is a showcase for Thailand’s cultural heritage and reflects the unstinting efforts of the troupe to preserve this exotic art form. 

BUNDITPATANASILPA INSTITUTE A versaitle contemporary and traditional dance troupe. These group performances t

Muay Thai Kick boxing show (SUN)

Experience the excitement of dedication and skill of Muay Thai Boxing, the national sport of Thailand. Hosting some of the finest fighters. Muay Thai is often referred to as the ‘art of the 8 limbs’ as the fighters use an exciting combination of punches, kicks, elbows and knees to strike an opponent. It will be held in the Ampitheatre at Federation Square. 

"Thailand Open for Business" - Business Hub

This year will feature a business hub which will be a collection of Thai businesses operating Thailand or in Australia with bi-laterral relations. Come and visit the exhibit, which will offer a great opportunity to network and learn about how to do business in Thailand and with Thai companies.